Wood Bead Bracelet

I love this easy handmade bracelet,  the color matches of neon silk cord and natural wood beads are just beautiful. Nylon cords are always favored by kids. They use colorful threads to braid interesting crafts like friendship bracelets, cute hanging stuffs.  But it is paired up with black wood beads in this bracelet. The simple combination looks so stylish.

1, silk cord
2, wood beads
1 - step by step bracelet @linesacross

1st, cut cord of 3 feet long, fold it in half and tie an overhand knot. (Leave a loop slightly larger than wood bead.)
2nd, add a dab of glue on the end of cord to make it easier to thread through wood beads
3rd, add beads by looping one cord through one side of the bead, and the other cord through the other side of the same bead. (Remember to pull the cord tightly.)
4th, repeat the process until you get the ideal length, and tie knot on last bead.
5th, thread another bead through both ends and tie knot to secure it.
1 - stack bracelets wood neon @linesacross

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