Ethnic Bohemian Style Trend

Bohemian style is still a fashion around us. I love the hippie inspired pieces, jewelry, clothes, hair styles… It’s a kind of free and careless style and also can be easily mixed matched to create a new look. I’m happy to see the style…

Boho hair and the jewellery

Using colorful nylon threads to braid bracelets and adding jewelry charms can make stylish hippie styles.


Chains are one essential bohemian elements. You can get it layered together with other strings, leathers, or bead strands to create a mixed style.

boho jewelry featuring
Vintage style jewelry findings like charms, links, clasps, etc. will add more retro style to your designs.

Boho bracelet and ring combo

The perfect beads to create your own ethnic style are those with bright vibrant colors and tones, such as lightweight acrylic beads, natural gemstone beads and so on!

Take your jewels to the beach!

boho jewelry

Get your imaginations exploded!

Bohemian Trend

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