DIY Loom Band Crafts: Hot Fashion Trend in 2014

DIY loom band crafts is so hot in 2014. The loom band craze sweeps many countries, and even Prince William joins the loom band craze. His wife Kate has also been spotted wearing loom band bracelets in public.



Not only does the loom band bracelets are popular, but also other diy loom band jewelry like loom band hair accessories, diy dress made out of rubber band, rubber band ring and so on are favored by people all around the world. If you are a crafting trend expert or fashion crafts lover, you may already heard this news. A rainbow loom band dress is selling for £170,100 on ebay. It’s approximately $291,548, or almost equal to a house. That’s really crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

loom band dress on ebay


Looking around, you can find that many people wear diy loom band jewelry now. And the styles are so much!

Cute Rainbow Loom Hair Bow

Rainbow Loom hair bow

Colorful Rubber Band Bracelets

loom band bracelets

Rainbow Loom Hat – so cute


rainbow loom hat

DIY Knitting Braided loom Watch

DIY Knitting Braided loom Watch


They are so creative and amazing, right? Get the colorful loom bands at pandahall and make the rainbow loom jewelry now!



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