3 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Vase with Beads

Dressing up a vase with sparkly beads can be easy, fun and the result can be stunning. And this is something we must to do for every holiday or special occasions.

Basically, there’re 3 ways to embellish your vase with beads: gluing flat back beads on the surface of the vase, throwing a bunch of beads in the clear glass jar; and threading beads to make bracelet-type things to slip over a vase. Using glue to stick the beads on are most crafters ’first choice, because many flat back beads with colors, tone, shapes can be widely used no beads type limitation, as long as the beads back are flat to be easily glued. The easiest one gotta be the second way. The beads make the perfect filling and give a more natural look. Pearl beads and glass beads are preferred than other types of beads. The last way can be easy, or complex. It depends on what beads strand patterns you want to slip over the vase. It either can be simple bracelet-things or complicated patterns like the last pic showed.

Anyway, decorating the vase can be easy, but if you want to whip out amazing vases, beads play an important role. If you know a little about jewelry beads, please come to visit our blog regularly and get to know more about different beads and other craft tips.


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