An Overview Of Glass Beads And Its Types

Creating your own glass beads jewelry is the first step to get both productive and creative. The glass beads jewelry making is enjoyable and fun to work, but needs one to be meticulous, wherein you have to spend productive hours designing your creations. This makes it important to have a comfortable seating and proper lighting.

Basic Requirements


Glass Beads

Making glass beads jewelry implies you must ensure having lots of handmade glass beads. This is mandatory, so that you do not run short of beads right in the mid of designing a jewelry piece. The beauty is that these handmade glass beads design is always unique and finer in quality than other cheap machine made beads. The ideal place to get these handmade glass beads is from any of the jewelry artist who is experienced in glass beads. Getting from an artist saves you money and time; thereby you can create excellent unique glass beads.

Other Requirements

Heavyweight flexible beading wire, a 49 strand beading wire to string glass beads, toggle clasp or sterling silver clasps. This is required to fasten the glass bead jewelry, be it a bracelet or a necklace. For earrings you need sterling gold or silver ear wire.  It is recommended to go for sterling silver so that it rules out tarnishing. You need pliers in variety such as chain nose, round nose, a flat nose, a cripper and a pair of good nippers. Initially, you can get started with the chain nose and round nose pliers. You may get Swarovski crystals so that you place it between beads. It offers value and makes unique designs adding sparkle power.

Know the types


Glass Beads

Making glass beads jewelry means knowing its types. There are two types, smooth and faceted beads. Smooth beads sparkle wonderfully with light. They can be used for daily wear. On the other hand, the faceted beads are ideally designed and look spectacular when worn on special occasions in the evening. Actually, the faceted beads sparkle more and come in different surfaces, flat and polished that helps refracting and reflecting light at different angles, thereby giving the beads wonderful sparkle.

Glass beads make popular addition to elegant and classy formal outfits. However, to retain the sparkle that it had on day one, you must remember to keep it free from impurities such as grease or oil that may hinder its reflection. Use soft cloth to polish the beads and keep away from cleaning products as it may cause chemical reactions or dull the beads sparkle.


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