Prefer Using Fantastic Cabochons For Unique Jewels

Cabochon Settings

Cabochon Settings

According to fashion trends most of the people choose various types of jewelry and specially wear it for grand occasions or events. Especially women will be more interested to wear trendy designs with beautiful works. Some women would really have the habit of wearing the jewelry that perfectly matches with their attire. So these people go in search for different jewels made up of beads, pearls, stones etc. Trend of using gemstones in jewelry is very popular and the designers create many artistic jewels using different type’s gemstones to cover the jewel lovers. Now we will get in to the interesting topic which speaks about cabochon settings in beautiful jewelry.

Know about cabochons used for attractive jewels

Cabochon, the term used to describe a specific pattern of shaping a gemstone by not faceting the same.  Usually the gemstones that are shaped like cabochons have flat base and convex top.  In other words we can say these are dome shaped and could be referred as domes. These patterns that looks taller and having narrow base are called as bullet cabochons. It can be availed in oval, round bases, people who require uniqueness can go for rectangle, octagon or even square shaped patterns. Cabochon settings in the jewels will give the glorious look, that’s why most of the designers choose it for their masterpiece.

Attaching the cabochon in the settings

Cabochon Settings

Cabochon Settings

Some jewelry designers find some difficulties in setting the cabochons in the base. Here are some tips which could make this task very simple one. First you should ensure the cabochon used for your jewel has a flat back, so that your work turns somewhat simple.  While buying the cabochons take enough time select the size which matches with the base size which you have it with you. Using the best adhesive is also very important; e-6000 can be used for better result. After selection of stone and the adhesive is done, cleaning the cabochon and its settings is very much essential before placing the stone in the base. After cleaning just apply the right amount of glue in the flat base, if you have any spillage, alcohol can be used to wipe it off. Make sure you give ample time for drying so that it gives more firmness for your attachment. You may let it dry for whole night in the safe place or rack. Now you can add these cabochon settings in your beautiful cabochon jewelry.


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