Recycled Craft Ideas – DIY Fashion Flip Flops

Recycled crafts are a smart way of turing waste materials into treasures. Sometime, you will find that there are many old crafts or materials at home, and it’s wasteful if you just throw them into trash can though you don’t want them any more. I think the best way to deal with unwanted materials is to change them into new crafts.

Today, I will show you how to make a fashion flip flops with your old unwanted flip flops. You will be surprised that you can get a shaion shoe just by adding some beads on the old ones. Let’s start right now!

finished projects

jewelry making supplies you need to prepare:
a pair of flip flops;
pearl beads;
some small beads;
needle and thread


Instructions about how to DIY flip flops:

step 1: you need to glue the ribbon at the base of the flip flops, then glue and wrap the
ribbon across the flip;



step 2: wrap the ribbon back and forth.


step 3:glue the pearls on the ribbon before sewing, and then sew the pearls aroud twice;
add some shells and other samll beads.


step 4: finish sewing the beads on the flip flops!


Just by adding some pearls and beads, you make the normal flip flops into a fashon item! It would be really expensive for you to buy such a fashon shoe from the fashon shoe stores, but it’s cheap if you follow this tutorial to recycle your old flip flops. DIY your own fashion flip flops right now!


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