Funny Wine Charm Ideas

Wine charms are funny accessories for parties or family get-togethers. They are additional decoration elements to your glassware. They can be easily made at home. You can make use of recycled bottles, corks or fabrics or go for fancy beads, like glass beads, wood beads, rhinestone beads and so on. So here’re some great funny glass wine charms DIYs with different materials used to help inspire you. All you need are simple tools and a wild imagination. Hope you’ll love them. Image from

Sparkling Glitters!

Colorful Buttons!

My Favorite One, vintage Cabochon!cabochon

Cute Christmas Charms!charms

Metal stamps!metal stamp

Recycled corks!cork

Spiral Wires!wire

Rhinestones cabochon!

Felt Slippers!Wine Glass Slipper

And creative twisted ideas!bead twisted

wire twisted

How to make the normal glass wine charms? how


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