Fashionable Spike Jewelry Round Up~

If DIY-ing ordinary beaded jewelry bore you now, here’s something new for you! Spike jewelry, subtle yet edgy accessories, which are absolutely necessary for your wardrobe. These simple, totally wearable pieces can definitely worth a try. Let’s start with the first one!

Spiked and Braided Bracelet
1, Braided spike bracelet out of old t-shirt. Pretty cute, hah?

Spike Earrings
2, Spike earrings: a mix of bohemian, geometric shape, metals with a splash of color, make perfect for many outfits.

wood spike
3, The combination of wood beads, spikes, and hex nut. So creative!~ BEAD AND HARDWARE BRACELET

Spiked Barrett
4,  Absolutely fast way to cute hair, simple and chic! ~Spiked Barrett

spiked bangle
5, Simply glue the spikes on the tiny bangles and wrap some embroidery floss~ DIY: BANGLE BRACELETS

pearl spike
6, Spike necklace with pearls! Definitely love this mix of soft and hard. You?

Have you whipped up any rock-roll style jewelry with spikes? Do let us know in the comment below!

For more ideas, kindly visit: Fashion Jewelry


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