Sailor Knot Jewelry DIYs

Sailor knot is an ordinary knot can be normally seen in macrame projects. And it’s quite easy to make this kind of chunky accessories using just any ropes, threads, or even shoelaces! It’s typically popular in each season, especially in this coming summer! Wearing a simple yet cool sailor knot bracelet or necklace to the beach can be so satisfying! In this post, you’ll know the classic way of rope sailor knot and 2 upgraded versions. Hope you’ll like these!

sailor knot DIY

The typical version of sailor knot may look a bit complicated, but it’s fairly straight-forward if you follow below step-by-step instructions.

sailor knots3

And the other 2 simplified versions are actually not sailor knot pattern, but just for those who are new to jewelry making. Getting 2 curved jewelry wires crossing with each other and wire wrapping wires around the bangle as show on pic. Similarly, thread 2 beaded strands (each with beaded loops ), cross both beaded loops and attach the jump rings and S-hook as closure.

sailor knots1

sailor knots2

Which one will you try for this summer then? Happy crafting!

More tutorials from PH learning center


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