Using Wooden Beads In Your Jewelry Designs

If you have been trying to consider of a way that you could take the jewelry that you generate, and make this a little more ‘up market’, then switching to wooden beads may just give this the lift that you have been in search of. So, how do you choose the beads that would be right for your subsequent item of jewelry.

Different types of beads

As you will know, there are diverse types of beads that you could use, and some look far better than others do, while you stand back plus look at your refined work of art. In adding up to wooden beads, you can acquire bone beads, shell beads, seed beads, and obviously, glass bead. Ultimately, the beads you choose to go for must reflect the style plus the quality of finish that you are hoping to attain with your jewelry.

Wooden Beads

Wooden Beads

Certainly, no matter how they might look at the time, there are definite beads that you should evade at all costs. Plastic beads might seem like a superior idea, but they’re connected with jewelry shaped by kids, which isn’t the kind of vibe that you desire to give people, particularly if you’re hoping to trade your jewelry.

For example, you might alternate round wooden beads with cube shaped beads. Or, perhaps you could space the round plus dice shaped beads out with a tube bead, or else a football stick wooden bead? As you could see, the shapes accessible to you must give you sufficient scope to come about with unique design each time; add in diverse colors and you could make variations of the similar theme.

Wooden Beads

Wooden Beads

Wooden beads are of high quality

When it comes to really buying the beads that you will require to keep in stock, you might find that beads finished of wood are no more costly than the other type of beads on the market. Wood beads might not be as inexpensive as the plastic ones, however you know the old saying that ‘you acquire what you pay for’, and the older supply of plastic bead that you have might be a good way of receiving the next generation of jewels making talent happening in your family.

When it comes correct down to it, using wooden beads in your jewelry design will be cost effectual, and more prominently, it’s going to provide you a chance to be more imaginative than several of the other type of beads will. Now is the time to hit the web sites, and locate the beads that are going to obtain your jewelry designing industry in a whole new direction.


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