Different Types Of Buttons and Their Uses

A button is a latch that can be made of plastic, metal, leather, wood, and numerous different materials. They can be beautifying and valuable, a brilliant approach to close bits of fabric. There are also many cheap buttons available in the market. Most buttons are sold in bulk quantities, unless they are vintage, luxurious, or extensive. There is not a lot of difference between the decorative and sewing buttons, and the two can be utilized conversely for undertakings. They can be added to pads, trimmings, drapes, toys, dolls, and some other art you can concoct.

Picking Button Sizes of Cheap Buttons

When picking the extent of a button for a piece of clothing, the first thing you need to take into consideration is the span of the gap. Cheap Buttons openings are safely strengthened when sewed, so there is no stretch. Therefore, you need to pick a button that has the same size as the size of the hole. Make sure that it is not very little for the gap either, or too big for it. Sizes can commonly be found in either metric or imperial measurements. Sizes normally consistently increment by 1/8″.

Internationally, they can now and again be measured in “linge” which was the German measuring framework utilized before the metric framework. One linge is equivalent to 1/40 of an inch.

Cheap Buttons

Cheap Buttons

Different Kinds of Cheap Buttons and How to Utilize Them

2 Opening

Flattened buttons that have 2 little gaps in the inside to sew through are known as 2 opening buttons. The openings are regularly lined up parallel to the edge that it is attaching.

4 Opening

Flattened buttons with 4 gaps in them are 4 opening buttons. The connection is stronger than that with 2 opening buttons and they are better for thick fabric.

Cheap Buttons

Cheap Buttons


They have a gap or circle at the back through which it can be joined. They are better when joining to a circle as opposed to joining 2 bits of fabric together. They additionally make extraordinary eyes for dolls or other toys.

Half Ball Spread

Plastic domed buttons that permit you to cover with whatever fabric you pick so you can coordinate it to your task. These work best with upholstery and home styling projects.

Frogs (Mandarin buttons)

They are handles made of tied strings that go through a circle to attach. They are exceptionally good looking, and do not need a button gap


These kinds of buttons are made by weaving or crocheting tight fastens over a structure, for example, a cabone ring.

Oddity or “Dress it Up”

These kinds of cheap buttons are normally of plastic and made up of various shapes, (for example, stays, blossoms, or creatures) and usually have various designs imprinted on their surface.


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