Buy Seed Beads After Confirming The Size And Shape

Seed beads and crafting go hand in hand. Seeded beads are widely used in jewelry making and crafting with beads is now commonly found in earrings, necklaces, anklets and bracelets. In fact, nowadays it is widely found in items such as decorative bags, purses and clothing.  These are used frequently as they are durable, beautiful and fit most styles of jewelry creation.

Useful for Beginners

Seed beads jewelry making is the perfect choice of jewelry making and is ideal for any beginner jeweler. New to jewelry design implies you can buy affordable beads types and craft them. You also get the seeded beads in an assortment of colors and sizes that you will face no trouble in crafting anything that your wish to create. Using these beads in jewelry designs is popular as they come in a range of applications and now it is widely used in threading and loom weaving. In fact, they are ideal for intricate detailing. Besides making jewelry, they are used to embellish bags, curtains, purses, picture frames, etc. Using these tiny beads has no limitations to your imagination. You can use these seeded beads for jewelry making and crafting.

Seed Beads

Seed Beads

Different Types

There are different types of seed beads used in jewelry making:

  • Czech varieties: These varieties are wide, but not tall. They have a donut shape, nice round, but small holes in the edges. They are mostly looped together into strands and when used in embroidery, they look beautiful.
  • Japanese varieties: The beads shape is different. They are taller in size and have large holes. They come in uniform size, shape and are available in huge selection of colors.
  • Indian and Chinese varieties: The seed beads are never uniform in shape or size as in from Japan or Czech. They are good for multi-strand necklaces and bracelets, but have uneven quality. It is ideal for kids crafting as well.
  • Delica varieties: This variety is in cylinder shape and the holes are large. Ideal for a range of applications such as intricate bead weaving, loom work and multi-strand creation.
Seed Beads

Seed Beads

Online Buying Tips

  1. Look for details of seed beads, if it is chemically altered or heat treated. If it lacks details, they may be selling low or cheap quality beads.
  2. Ensure the size before settling to buy as online pictures sizes may be deceiving.
  3. Place a small order, before buying wholesale and check out the beads quality.

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