DIY Funny Loom Bracelets

Recent years, the loom bracelets are becoming very famous like a storm sweeping the world, many people using their imagination to creative many kind of loom bracelets or other style of things.

Loom Bracelets is easy to make and many DIY makers use their creativity to make it, but firstly you need to choose some supplies before you start to make it.

You can purchase the colorful rainbow loom bands, to make the bracelets. You need not to spend much more money but can creative it for a lot of fun or use it to a present for your friends.


Also you can make its as other shapes for your creativity.

10   initpintu_副本

Adding some charms to loom bracelets is also a good idea. It will make the loom bracelets have more interspersed and with more fun. You can choose the whatever color or shape of charms you like to add to the loom bracelets.


Some DIY maker even use the loom to make a dress. You see, how amazing it is!



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