Button craft design ideas

Button is very common in our lives; it is the small accessory using widely during our daily life. In general; button is used as a tool to hold our clothes. Most of the buttons are commonly made of plastic, but also it can be made from wooden, resin, metal and shell.

buttonsNowadays button can be made into many different designs. You can use buttons to make the DIY jewelry, like button bracelets、button necklaces and so on. For different material and color of the buttons, you can use your own imagination to create your special designs. Also using buttons to make things Is a recycle project; it takes full advantage of your unused buttons, that’s really harmony for the environment.

Today we will show you some interesting designs made with buttons.

Buttons for Jewelry making

You can just use a loop of string and 4 holes buttons to create this simple bracelet.

Button Bracelets

Using the jump rings to connect the buttons together is another simple way to make bracelets.

Button Bracelets

Here is an amazing DIY necklace design using buttons; you can cover the buttons within cute fabrics.

Button necklaceButtons painting

This item is created on dark gray canvas to show a gloomy sky, gray beads for raindrops, and acrylic buttons in various shapes to create the cloud.

Buttons painting

You can use the variety style of button to make your own design; colorful buttons can create the rainbow buttons painting.

Buttons paintingButtons photo frame

This is an easy craft design for teens. Just decorated the photo frame with the same color (or different colors) as the buttons you would like to use. Use white glue to make them together, it’s a good gift for teens.

Buttons photo frameButton Headband DIY

Here is a creativity button craft idea about making a shell button headband. Shell buttons have vintage taste; the combination of shell buttons and the headband make this item more unique.

Button Headband DIYSource

So what’s your favorite way to do the DIY design use buttons? Hope you can create your own special designs.

Image source : http://www.prettydesigns.com/button-accessories-diy-recreate-old-buttons




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