How to make beaded cupcake earrings

Cupcake is one of the most popular dessert among girls, many girls like it because it has the cute surface and sweet tasty. For girls, they also like jewelry. Have you ever tried to create a pair of earrings combine with them? What a creative ideas!

Today we are going to show you how to make a pair of seed beads cupcake earrings; it’s really easy to make, and do not need to spend long time.
The followings step details are under below. Let’s start it!

How to make beaded cupcake earrings

Here are supplies you need to make the beaded cupcake earrings:
4mm pink Seed Beads
4mm Red Seed Beads
4mm Brown Seed Beads
Jump rings
Brass Hoop Earring EC221-S
0.3 mm Copper Wires
Wire Cutter Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers

beaded cupcake earrings 2

Step 1: Make the cup pattern.  cut about 50cm long cooper wire and string 6 pieces of brown seed beads to the center of the wire to make the 1st bottom of the cup.  Then, after add another 6ps brown seed beads, string back the bead again to cross the wire; do the step again to add one more rows. After that you have fish the “cup” part of the earrings.

beaded cupcake earrings 3

beaded cupcake earrings 4Step 2: Add the delicious pink beaded cake on the cup. Add the first pink row of 8 pieces of seed beads, and 6 pieces of seed beads for the 2nd pink row, 3 seed beads for the 3rd pink row. For the last row, string one 4mm red seed bead on the middle of it. Twist them for several times.  Cut off the spare wire and tuck the twisted part. Then a cupcake is finished.

beaded cupcake earrings 5

beaded cupcake earrings 6Step 3: Repeat the above process and make another cupcake earrings. Connect the top red seed bead and the hoop earrings with a medium size jump ring.

beaded cupcake earrings 7

beaded cupcake earrings 8


beaded cupcake earrings 9Now, a pair of cute cupcake earring is already made. You can use your own creativity to increasing or decreasing the amount of the seed beads to change the size of the earrings. Also you can make other shapes of earrings using seed beads.


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