How to DIY Tassels

Tassel For the fashion trend, you can find that tassel is still being very popular in many designs. Tassel is a little decoration which is very popular in Europe, especially France. Tassels not only can be used as decorations to shoes, bags or clothes, but also it can be added to bracelets and necklaces as ornaments.

In our daily life, we find many kinds of things using the tassel as the decoration element, but do you know how to make the tassels by yourself? Today we will show you a tutorial for making your own tassels.


Supplies you needed to make tassels:

Embroidery Thread or Crochet Thread


Gold Lame Cord

Gold Jewelry Jump Rings

2 pair of Jewelry Making Pliers



Steps to DIY tassels:
1.  Fold the yarn back and forth on itself, until it ties up in a bundle. Here is a tip to make it quicker, you can wrap it use your hands, or wrap it around the hard cardboard. To remember that the bundle will be folded in half, so the length depends on how long you want the tassel to be.
The thickness of the tassel depend on the size of your jumpings, if you want the tassel be puffy you can use the big jumprings.
2. Through jumprings to the middle of your bundle
3. Flod the bundle in half, and then line up the ends of the thread closely as possible.
4. Take a thread and wrap it around the bundle to fastening the jumpring. Please note that, to holds well the bundle, you need to wrap it around enough times.
5. Cut off the end of the bundle, and make the bottom smoothly.

Tassel 6. Use pliers to open a small jumpring, and make sure to open it in one side. That will not change the shape of the ring and be nicely as the same when it closed.
7. Thread the opening jumping to the tassel.
8.Add a lobster claw to the opening jumpring.
9. Close the jumring use the pliers. If you open the ring nicely that will come back as the original shape.





You can add this simple tassel to your notebook to make it original, also you can add it to your necklace and bracelets to create your own design. Because of the lobster claw, it can easily attach to many things. Take the steps, have a try! ~

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