5 Ideas for Friendship Bracelet DIY

Friendship bracelet can be a symbol between friends. Making friendship bracelet is a fashion trend, especially among young people. Friendship bracelets are known as the decorative bracelets made from cotton, linen, yarn, or hemp thread. Also you can add many other elements such as alphabet beads, rhinestones beads to make your own friendship bracelet DIY.
Friendship braceletsToday I will show you 5 DIY friendship bracelets ideas, you can take it as reference to make your own friendship bracelets.

Heart friendship bracelet

Making a heart friendship bracelet is a good idea for the holiday present. The heart shape pattern can show your love and best wishes to your friends.

Friendship braceletsSource

Alphabet friendship bracelet

Here is a simple friendship bracelet made with alphabet beads. The use of alphabet can make friendship bracelet more unique. That will be a good surprise when your friends get a DIY friendship bracelet with their name on it.

Friendship braceletsSource

Seed bead Friendship Bracelet

Making bracelet with seed beads is a kind of traditional friendship bracelet. You can mix many different colored seed beads together in one design. It will turn out to be a great jewelry piece!

Friendship braceletsSource

Rhinestone friendship bracelet

If you think braiding a friendship bracelet only with threads is too monotonous, why not add some bling bling rhinestone beads to make it more attractive and charming? Here is an idea of rhinestone friendship bracelet. Your friend will surely love it!

friendship braceletSource

Chevron Friendship Bracelets

Chevron Friendship Bracelets is one of the most popular friendship bracelets. Your friends will like the special “V” pattern for sure! Just try to enjoy this interesting DIY!

Friendship braceletsSource

According to the old tradition, one ties a friendship bracelet onto the wrist of a friend who can make a wish at that moment. Until the bracelet totally worn out and break by itself, the wish will come true. That’s a really miracle story, but who knows whether it can be true.


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