Types and Uses of Wholesale Buttons

Uses of buttons have been a wide network in the present day. They can be used in vide range of products, for design, style and fashion. Wholesale Buttons are available to the common people. A box of Buttons can be inherited, from old clothes i.e. collection of various attires bought through many years or purchased from shop or maybe a collection from the old stock in the house. These wholesale buttons that can be purchased from the shop are used for artwork, rings, clothing, pillows, and dresses and stylish creative designs.

wholesale buttons

Types of Wholesale Buttons and their uses

2 and 4 Hole Buttons

Flat type buttons in general are either of 2 holes or 4 holes that are generally used in shirts-shirts, blouses or basic fabrics. The holes are made in the centre for the trough sewing purpose. The 2 and 4 holes are typically lined up parallel to the edge for perfect adjustment. The latter type is stronger than the former and used in robust fabric material.

wholesale buttons

Shank type

These types of wholesale buttons have a loop arrangement at the back where it is attached to the cloth material. They are primarily used in cross stitching where there is a loop. They also make great eyes.

Half Ball Cover

These are dome shaped Plastic buttons that is versatile used in almost any material. These go just perfect with upholstery and other decorative purpose.

wholesale buttons

Frogs (Mandarin buttons)

These types of wholesale buttons are basically knob type that forms the arrangement for knotted strings that pass through a loop to fasten. They are very decorative, and do not require a button hole


They are the most decorative and used in embroidery. They make a carbon ring made by tight stitches over a form.

Novelty or “Dress it up”

They are of plastic material and wide shapes (flowers, anchors, animals, stylish letters and many more).

The standard size of wholesale buttons is measured in lignes (i.e.10.16 mm, standard button of men’s shirts) and 32 lignes (20.32 mm, a standard button for suit jackets).The American National Button Society (NBS)  takes up the measurement system of buttons and distinguishes them into “large”, “medium” and :small” category.

wholesale buttons

Uses of wholesale Buttons;

The wholesale buttons can be used in art piece by collecting a bunch of contrast buttons and gluing them on a printed monogram and frame it. They can be recycled from old shirts and dresses to create a button artwork. Greeting cards find a wide application of old buttons. Creative objects can also be made from Wholesale buttons like a bouquet of button flowers, bracelets and ear-rings (jewelry objects), laces, designer bags, containers, jewelry box, necklace, garments, frocks, sweater and many more.


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