DIY Turquoise Spike Necklace

Last week I have written an article “Introduction of Turquoise” . In that article you can get the knowledge about what turquoise beads are and the history of it. From that post, you can know the basic attribute about this blue-to-green mineral gemstone; also you can get some tips about how to match the turquoise necklace with your clothes and how to clean the surface of this gemstone.

Today I will show you a simple DIY tutorial about turquoise spike necklace. It’s really chic and charming. Do not afraid that you are a beginner at DIY making; you can easily do this turquoise spike necklace and use it as ornament for your clothes. So, let’s start it.

 turquoise spike necklaceJewelry making supplies you needed:

Turquoise beads
Gold round beads
Aluminium chain
Crimp bead and crimp bead cover
Crimp Pliers

suplies to make turquoise spike necklaceHow to make turquoise spike necklace:

 turquoise spike necklace

1.    Thread the wire to the one side of your chain; curve it then fix it on the chain with a crimp bead. Use crimp pliers to pinch the crimp bead, make it fasten on the chain.
2.    String on your small gold round beads and turquoise beads of different size according to sequence (picture) onto the wire. After you finish the pendant part, add another crimp bead in the end then through the wire to another side of the chain.
3.    Bend the wire back to the crimp bead; pinch it to fix it tight. Cut off the excess wire. Then you have it!

Really easy to make this DIY turquoise spike necklace right? You can wear it with your other necklaces; layer them together to show your fashion taste. Get some turquoise beads then have a try.

Tutorial source: I SPY DIY


One thought on “DIY Turquoise Spike Necklace

  1. This kind of jewelry and crafts are super easy to make, but they can be stacked with other beads or findings to make a cool gift like a tassel necklace. Thanks for sharing the procedures.


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