Men’s Bracelet Ideas for Father’s Day

Men’s bracelets become a fashion trend in men’s jewelry. In general speaking, when talk about sending a gift to men, the things we come across to our mind will be watch, wallet, belt and so on; we rarely think of sending a Men’s bracelets as a holiday gift.

Men’s BraceletNow father’s day is approaching, it was created in early 20th century to celebrate and appreciate fatherhood and male parenting. So, why not to send a men’s bracelet to them as an original gift and give them a surprise! In this article I will show you three main types of bracelets that are really suitable for men.

Metal bracelets for men

Metal bracelets will be the most common jewelry for men. Wearing men’s metal bracelet can present the military connotation of them. In general it will be made in thick chains; such as the gold chains, aluminum chains and so on. Men can easily match them with the watch or ring. The texture of the metal shows the sense of masculinity.

Men’s BraceletMen beaded bracelets

There are range of beads can be made into men beaded bracelets, wooden beads will be a good choice. It’s light to wear and always in simple design; you can easily alter sizes, shapes and colors of beads to create your own individual designs.

Men’s BraceletNautical bracelets for men

The nautical element is an appropriate ornament in men’s bracelets. Because the shape of the nautical, it generally used as the type of fastening or waved with rope and cabling. Nautical bracelets for men will be the special and charming jewelry in men’s bracelet design.

Men’s BraceletBracelets for men can be so stylish. Are you going to choose one bracelet as the gift for the approaching Father’s day?  Enjoy it!

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