How to Make DIY Pink Ribbon Earrings with Lustrous Pearls Beads

Do you like ribbon earrings? If your answer is yes, then you shall not miss this article, because it will show you how to make yourself a pair of lovely pink ribbon earrings with lustrous pink pearl beads. First of all, let’s have a look of the finished DIY ribbon earrings, they are so cute, aren’t they? Now let’s do it together.

DIY Pink Ribbon Earrings 1

Jewelry making supplies needed to make the DIY ribbon earring:

Stain Ribbon

12mm Acrylic Pearl Bead


Earring Hooks


Sewing Thread

Side Cutting Pliers

Round Cutting Pliers

DIY Pink Ribbon Earrings 3

Instructions on how to make the adorable pink ribbon earrings:

Step 1: Stack one pink ribbon and one cyan ribbon together, and roll them in a coil.

DIY Pink Ribbon Earrings

Step 2: Sew up the ending part of the ribbon with a needle.

DIY Pink Ribbon Earrings 4

Step 3: String the pearl bead with a headpin and then loop the headpin.

DIY Pink Ribbon Earrings 5

Step 4: Sew the pearl charm together with the ribbon coil, repeat sewing three or four times to make them stable.

DIY Pink Ribbon Earrings 6

Step 5: Finish one pink ribbon earring by fixing the dangle part with earring hook.

DIY Pink Ribbon Earrings 7

Step 6: Make another DIY ribbon earring.

DIY Pink Ribbon Earrings 8

It’s quite easy, right?

Bright colors are most suitable for summer, and pink can always make people look young and energetic. So just go out with your gorgeous DIY ribbon earrings, show them to your friends and show your enthusiasm in the sunshine!


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