Use Seed Beads for Giving Your Jewelry a Fresh Look

Seed beads serve as an important accessory in jewelry making. The best feature about these beads is their varied colors and sizes. Mostly, they act as spacers between other kinds of beads. With their more or less symmetrical shape, the beads provide uniformity to the jewelry pieces. Some jewelers also use them as the main ingredient in jewelry. Hence, by purchasing wholesale seed beads, you could create a separate kind of jewelry as well.

Types of seed beads

The market is full of different looking beads. It allows a jeweler to be experimental in their creations and they can come up with uncommon designs. The round seed beads are most commonly used and they look uncomplicated when strewn together. If you made an ornament that looked cumbersome, you could add a few round beads and get a simplistic look. The two cut seed beads consist of multiple flat surfaces. So when light falls on them, they reflect strongly and make the ornament very prominent.

seed beads 2

Another great seed bead variety is the bugle seed bead. They are not round in shape but cylindrical and are available in a host of shades. Due to their unique shape, they can be paired with round beads and you can achieve a mesmerizing impact. Fringe beads are specially used to give an ornament the teardrop effect. These beads are sometimes large in shape and look amazing in combination with bugle, two cut, as well as round beads.

Appearance of seed beads

seed beads

It is simply amazing to see the multiple looks that the beads have. You can have ones in solid colors, which are totally opaque or can go for the transparent ones. The major difference between the two is that the opaque beads do not allow the stringing thread to show while the transparent ones do. Therefore, for a professional look, when working with transparent beads, you should always use see-through thread. In case, you do not wish to choose the two extreme looks, you could go for the semi-transparent appearance. These beads may have either a thin coat of paint, which lets the light pass through them and have a pearly glow, or be partially colored.

Get seed beads online

Now, when you know how seed beads like fringe beads, bugle beads, round seed beads can add a new dimension to your jewelry making business, you should now get them in wholesale from an online store. Not only the items are priced affordably, they will also reach you in good condition.


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