Five Steps to Make Lovely Wire Wrap Rings for Couples

Summer is a good season for falling in love, the high heat in summer days can always remind me of the fiery love between couples. So, today I’m going to teach you how to make a lovely pair of wire wrap rings in case that you need them to show your love in the sunshine.

wire wrap rings

Materials needed to make the handmade wire wrapped rings:

0.8mm silver copper wire

2 acrylic beads

Wire cutter plier

Flat plier

wire wrap rings

Instruction on how to make wire wrap rings:

wire wrap rings

Step 1: Cut about 15cm copper wire, and then thread a heart bead onto it.

Step 2: Wrap both ends of the wire around a columnar object, make sure that the size of the columnar is similar to your finger or your beloved one’s finger.

Step 3: Thread one end of the wire through the heart bead as the picture shows above.

wire wrap rings

Step 4: In order to cover the cut of the shorter end, wrap the longer working end around the cut of the shorter one tidily about 6 times, then roughly wrap the longer wire, and tidily wrap again near the heart bead. Here goes the picture of one finished wire wrap ring:

wire wrap rings

Step 5: Repeat the procedures above to make another wire wrap ring.

wire wrap rings

Now they are done! Even though these rings look simple, you still can’t deny that they are pretty cute. If you are in a relationship now, maybe you can make such a pair of handmade wire wrapped rings as keepsake for your love. If you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet, you can also share this wire wrap rings tutorials to your friends who might need it.


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