Various European Beads for Jewelry Making

Hello guys! Today I will share you something about European beads. Are you guys familiar with this kind of beads? If not, let’s get familiar with them together. European beads is a kind of three dimensional beads, they are featured by their large center holes which can be either smooth or threaded. And of course, they are various in shapes, colors, and even materials.

European beads

As you can see in the picture, no matter what the material is, and no matter how does it be shaped or dyed, it just cannot weaken the beauty and delicacy of a European bead. I have to say, I’m really fascinated by these splendid beads. If I were going to make my own jewelries, European beads must be my first choice!

Since we’ve already get a basic concept about European beads, now let’s see what they can do for jewelry making.

European charm beads

These beads are called European charm beads. Just as the way they are named, these beads are usually used to be charms for bracelets, pendants for necklaces, or dangles for earrings, just something functioning as “charms”. They can be either simple or well designed, no matter what kind of style you prefer, there should be one that can satisfy your need.

As we’ve mentioned before, there is a wide range of materials that can be used for making European beads. And among all those European beads made by different materials, my favorite one is the European glass beads. Because they are so glittering and translucent, their sparkling appearances look like beautiful dreams.

European glass beads

So fascinating, aren’t they? I bet you guys must have already figured out why I love these European glass beads so much. Look at these dreamlike beads, does any girl can say no to them?

After appreciating so many beautiful European bead jewelries, do you want to make one for you own or your beloved ones? So please take a look at a simple European bead bracelet tutorial below. Hope you’ll enjoy it and happy crafting!



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