How can seed beads beautify our lives?

When it refers to seed beads, what occurs to you first? Well, my first impression is that they are so tiny. Usually, tiny things are easily to be ignored. But for people who are familiar with jewelry making and DIY crafts, they must say “even though seed beads are tiny, they do make differences in our lives, they can’t be ignored”.

Here, I’d like to tell you how seed beads make differences by showing you two types of our daily things made by/with seed beads: seed bead jewelry and seed bead crafts.

First, let’s see seed bead jewelry. There are so many jewelries can be made up by/with seed beads, here I would just list three typical types of them.

Jewelry No.1: seed bead necklace.

seed bead necklace

Just as you see, seed beads can either be used for making strands or pendants of necklace. And if you are experienced enough, you can also use them to make different figures, like the tiger pattern above. Though tiny, they still make necklaces more various and stylish.

Jewelry No.2: seed bead earrings.

seed bead earrings

Seed beads can make up different styles of earrings: dangle earrings, post earrings, tassel earrings, and so on. Almost any kinds of earrings can make use of seed beads. So, I bet the earring makers must love them very much.

Jewelry No.3: seed bead ring.

seed bead rings

Seed beads can make homemade rings diverse. If you are good at jewelry making, the shape of a ring can totally depend on your own preference, just like the spider shaped one in the picture, it’s pretty cool.

Next, let’s take a look at seed bead crafts.

Craft No.1: seed bead flowers.

seed bead flowers

No more words. Just look at the picture, can you say these seed bead flowers are not pretty? They are so vivid that I almost thought they are real flowers. How lovely it could be if you use these flowers to decorate your room!

Craft No.2: seed bead sandals.

seed bead sandals

Girls must be quiet familiar with these seed bead sandals. They are essential equipment for summer days. A pair of stylish sandals with makes you much more eye-catching on street.

Craft No.3: seed bead chandelier.

seed bead chandelier

When I was a little girl, I always dreamt of decorating my room with crystal glass beads chandelier, because I thought it would make my room like fairyland. Now many families have chandeliers. Do you guys love them?

You see, jewelries and those crafts can decorate our daily lives, and seed beads make them more fabulous, so that’s how seed beads beautify our lives. Do you agree with me?


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