5 Tips On Purchasing Wholesale Beads

The idea of buying wholesale beads appeals to many jewelry makers because it allows them to be innovative in their designs. With a large quantity of beads at their disposal, they can be innovative and experiment by using beads in a variety of settings. Below given are a few tips that can help you purchase beads in bulk:

Decide on the variety of beads you need

wholesale beads

Unless you are a new jewelry maker, there is no point in purchasing random varieties of beads. Mostly jewelry makers purchase those beads in bulk that they use most. Hence, if your jewelry collection has most number of acrylic beads or metal beads, then you should get them in a good quantity. For those jewelry makers, who are thinking of expanding their business will also benefit from wholesale purchase of the other kind of beads whose jewelry they are planning to introduce. On the site of bead seller, you will find the list of available beads. You can also look into the new arrivals section for a new variety of beads. Check their appearance, choose one, and place order.

Do not forget to get accessories as well

Most bead selling stores do not only stock beads. They also sell jewelry-making accessories like threads, cords, embellishments like rhinestones, clasps, jump rings, etc. As you will need these accessories every time you make jewelry, it is a wise idea to buy them in bulk as well.

You can have different varieties in a single bulk order

In case, you require several varieties of wholesale beads like glass beads, lampwork beads, clay beads, gemstone beads, etc., you can have them easily. Simply choose the minimum wholesale quantity of each variety and place the order. You will be glad to see the arrival of all your beads at one go.

Check for discounted products

wholesale beads 2

Discounts can hugely bring down the price. Hence, you should always check what wholesale beads are available on discounts. Do not be apprehensive regarding the quality. A reputable bead seller would never compromise on that.

Check and understand the return policy well

Reputable bead sellers always have a return policy wherein you could send back the products that you bought from them and get a refund. However, you need to return the wholesale beads within a fixed number of days following the date of purchase. Read the return policy to learn in how many days should you return the products and whether you would be required to pay the shipping charges.


3 thoughts on “5 Tips On Purchasing Wholesale Beads

  1. Going for the bulk orders is the best way to save money. Even if you don’t see yourself needing all those beads, it’s not a bad idea to be prepared. Plus, having the extra material may inspire you to make something else! Cool ideas!


  2. I really need to get some nice beads that I can use for crafts at the daycare that I work at. The kids all love making crafts, and beads are one of the most often used items. I will be sure that when I am looking, we try to find the right type of beads. For the most part, I think we use acrylic beads. However, I will be sure to check their appearance and be sure that we get all kinds of colors, because then we can make sure that everyone has the colors and types that they like. Thanks for the great post!


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