How to Make Stylish Boho Hoop Earrings

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to make boho hoop earrings. You know, boho is short for bohemian which is a word symbolized free spirit. Although having been lasting for centuries, boho style is still very popular in nowadays. If you are fond of boho style jewelry or hoop earrings, then you should not miss this tutorial.

boho hoop earrings

Jewelry making supplies for the beaded hoop earrings:

8mm acrylic beads

Tibetan beads

Silvery fish pendants

0.8 mm cooper wire

Earring hoops


Round nose pliers

Wire cutter pliers

boho hoop earrings

How to make the boho style wire hoop earrings:

Step 1: Make the hoops and charms.

First, cut 15cm copper wire and make it into an arc by wrapping it around the cylinder. Then make a loop at one end of the hoop.

boho hoop earrings

Second, open six junprings, and thread six fish pendants onto them, then close the jumprings.

boho hoop earrings

Step 2: Make the main body of the fish dangle hoop earrings.

First, alternatively string flower Tibetan beads, acrylic beads, and the fish dangles onto the hoop, the final look should be like this:

boho hoop earrings

Second, use the round nose pliers to make a loop at the other end of the hoop.

boho hoop earrings

Step 3: Finish the boho hoop earrings.

First, connect three jumprings together, and then attach them to the earring hoop.

boho hoop earrings

Second, finish one earring by adding an earring hook to the middle jumpring. And repeat all the procedures above to make another earring.

boho hoop earrings

Tada! Here goes the final look of the finished hoop earrings!

boho hoop earrings

They are stunning! Do you like them? As you can see from this tutorial, it’s very easy to make such a pair of boho hoop earrings, and it won’t take much of your time. If you like them, just try to make them, you’ll be surprised by yourself.


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