Glass Beads: Jewelry Offering Sophistication With Affordability

Glass beads are available in such a huge variety that every jewelry maker likes to include them in their creations. Using multi colored glass beads you can give a piece a twist of sophistication. Although made of glass, these beads are a huge crowd puller because of their similarity to crystal. As crystal jewelry is expensive, many people prefer to go for glass beaded jewelry. Overall, by creating such jewelry pieces, you can not only add versatility to your collection but also attract more clients of all age groups.

glass beads 1Look of glass beaded jewelry

Jewelry made of glass beads has a classy look, which women and young girls love to adopt. These beads have varied textures; for example, frosted glass beads are not as shiny as normal glass beads. Moreover, the shape of the beads differs as well. There are round beads, which are amazingly smooth to the touch. Next are cone beads, which are shaped like cones. Bicone beads are interesting because they look as if two cones have been stuck together at the bases resulting in a cone at each end. Oval shaped beads shine immensely and can be used in combination with round beads. There are many other shapes and you can check the catalogue of a reputable online bead seller to see what other options are there.

Beads of glass are made using different techniques

These beads are being used in jewelry for centuries. The lampwork beads were very popular in the 17th century Europe. Blowpipes and oil lamps were used to make them. Now, factories use glass torches for making perfect lampwork beads. Similarly, millefiori beads were made from glass rods. However, today, polymer clay is used, which has effectively reduced the manufacture duration allowing impressive mass production. Therefore, you need not worry about the supply of these beads, as with developed technology they are being produced in heavy quantities.

Can you experiment with glass beads?

Yes, for a jeweler, it is important to keep experimenting because that is how you can create new jewelry pieces. These beads are available is so many colors, shapes and have such fascinating textures that you can conveniently experiment with them. Go for wholesale beads, as it will allow you to acquire a huge number of them at one go. It will also help you create numerous jewelry pieces and not feel restricted because of lack of beading supplies.


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