8 Fabulous Homemade Chandeliers Must See

Hello everyone! Have you ever dreamt of decorating your home with chandeliers? When I was a little girl, I always want a lovely chandelier in my bed room. Because at that time I thought a chandelier could make my bed room looked like a fairyland, and then I could be a little princess there. What an innocent girl I was! Now, chandeliers are common for home decorating. Here, I’d like to share you 8 chic handmade chandeliers, wish you guys like them.

homemade chandeliers

DIY chandelier with plastic beads and acrylic beads

diy chandelier

It may take about an hour to make this DIY chandelier. But it’s not difficult to do it. As you can see from the picture, it can refresh your old light and turn it from drab to fab!

Ribbon and drop bead chandelier

chandelier made with glass beads and ribbon

Fascinating drop bead tassel chandelier decorated with water blue ribbon, which makes it brisker. This light color is quite suitable for summer, because it can make people feel cool and calm.

Crystal bead chandelier

Australian crystal bead chadelier

This transparent chandelier is made up with stainless steel wire and Australian crystal beads. I always think it’s difficult for girls to say no to sparkling things. Do you agree with me? Do you want to make it for your bed room?

Dainty pink sunshower chandelier

dainty pink sunshower chandelier

When I first saw this lively chandelier, I was surprised by the vivid flowers and leaves, they seemed true to life. You can always feel the tinges of spring if you hang it in your house.

Turquoise bead chandelier

turquoise bead chandelier

For those who are keen to turquoise crafts, you should never miss this turquoise bead chandelier. It will make your dining room glowing. If you like it, just search the tutorial online and go make it.

Glass bead chandelier

colorful homemade chandelier

This is a free style handmade chandelier made with glass beads. If you are going to make it, you can decide the color of the beads and the length of the beaded strands by your own preference.

Colorful vintage chandelier

colorful bead chandelier

A vintage chandelier can give off some kind of historical sense. But once decorated with colorful beads, it turns to be modern. The blended feeling of vintage and modern makes this chandelier unique. Do you want to make it?

Stunning homemade chandelier with crystal beads and mason jars

crystal bead chandelier

I know mason jars can be used for crafts making. But when I saw this crystal bead chandelier together with pure transparent mason jars, I still want to say it’s awesome! What an impressive design!

You can find all the tutorials for these 8 fabulous homemade chandeliers online, so if you have already found your favorite one, you can just follow the tutorial and make it.

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