9 Rainbow Accessories for Summer

It must be very happy for everybody to see a rainbow. But generally, lots of people are not so lucky to see it. So, how about make a rainbow for ourselves? Today I’d like to share you several cute rainbow accessories, hope you guys like them!

rainbow accessories

Rainbow gemstone necklace

rainbow gemstone necklace

This rainbow gemstone necklace is mainly made up by wooden beads and various colored gemstones. It’s easy to make yet very graceful, and those bright colors will absolutely make you much more eye-catching.

Rainbow pendant necklace

rainbow pendant necklace

Wire wrapped necklace pendant decorated with black handmade knots and beautiful rainbow glass beads, it’s really delicate right? I can’t wait to make one for myself!

Rainbow friendship bracelet

rainbow friendship bracelet

Do you like this plaid rainbow friendship bracelet? I must admit that I love it at my first sight! And I bet if you make such a chic bracelet for you best friend, she must be very happy!

Rainbow seed bead bracelet

rainbow seed bead bracelet

If you are a bead lover working with tiny beads, then you should try this beautiful bracelet. Just look at it, the beads are neat and lustrous, the leaves are shining and glorious, don’t you want to make it by your own?

Rainbow crystal bracelet

rainbow crystal bracelet

Dazzling crystal bead bracelet, colorful and fantastic, dose any girl can resist it?

Rainbow button bracelet

rainbow botton bracelet

I’ve never thought that buttons can be used to make accessories. So when I saw this cute button rainbow bracelet, I was really surprised. The design is so creative!

Tassel rainbow earrings

tassel rainbow earrings

DIY tassel earrings made with rainbow threads. It won’t take long to make them, and even a green hand of jewelry making can make them easily.

Dangle rainbow earrings

dangle rainbow earrings

As you can see, this lovely couple of dangle earrings is made by resin flowers. They are so fresh and so vivid, and they’ll be blooming in any seasons!

Rainbow suncatcher

rainbow suncatcher

Wow! What a glaring rainbow suncatcher! It’s so pure and so fabulous! As a girl who is fond of transparent crystal things, I just can’t get rid of the temptation of it!

So after seeing all these cute rainbow accessories, do you guys want to DIY one to make your summer much brighter? If you do, then don’t hesitate to make it!


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