10 Lovely Daisy Accessories Must See

Hello friends! As you can see from the title, today our topic is daisy jewelry! When it refers to daisy jewelry, what I first think of is an ancient story. It is said that in Victorian times, young maidens usually pluck a daisy’s petals to select their future husbands. They would sing “he loves me, he loves me not” while pulling the daisy’s petals one by one, and the last petal would decide the future of their relationships. It sounds a little bit ridiculous and kind of romantic right? In nowadays, this custom almost dies out, but daisy and daisy jewelry are still loved by modern girls. Here, let’s see some adorable daisy accessories together!

daisy jewelry

Seed bead daisy chain earrings

seed bead daisy chain earrings

Daisy chain is a kind of knot shaped like daisy flower. This couple of earrings consists of daisy chains made by seed beads. It could be a great project to make such delicate seed bead daisy earrings!

Wire crochet daisy earrings

You may think these daisy patterns are lively, but it’s really a great challenge to make a daisy with silver wire, it requires for excellent crocheting skills.

Chainmail daisy earrings

chainmail daisy earrings

Rainbow colored chainmail daisy earrings glaring with metallic luster, they are just so glorious!

Button daisy necklace

button daisy necklace

This daisy necklace could be a nice gift for both young girls and kids. It’s easy to make it, and the materials you need are buttons, acrylic beads, and chains, they are not difficult to get.

Wire wrapped daisy pendant necklace

wire wrapped daisy necklace

Do you like this daisy pendant necklace? It’s simple, but still cute. And it can well match you outfits.

Polymer clay daisy necklace

polymer clay daisy necklace

Wow!!! I must admit that the polymer clay daisy pendant is soooo vivid! It looks just as nature as a real daisy flower! I do love it!

Daisy chain bracelet

daisy chain bracelet

What a lovely daisy chain bracelet! The colors are exactly the same with a real daisy and the space seed beads even look like daisy leaves. Brilliant design!

Crochet daisy bangle

crochet daisy bangle

A white crochet daisy bangle embellished with lustrous pearl beads, it looks so elegant! If I am good enough at crochet, I’ll definitely make one for myself immediately!

Crochet daisy headband

crochet daisy headband

I am fond of turquoise jewelry, and I like simple accessories, so when I see this simple yet chic headband, I know I love it!

Beaded daisy hairband

beaded daisy hairband

Once embellished with colorful beads and cute daisy flower, the original simple metal hairband turns to be splendid immediately. That is magic!

So after seeing all these stunning daisy accessories, do you find your favorite one? If you have any other ideas about daisy jewelry, please leave a common and share with us!


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