Cool Seaglass Jewelry for Hot Summer Days

Summer is a season which makes people misses the sea. But there always be some reasons that make us cannot go to a sea freely. So how about make a piece of seaglass jewelry to relief our thoughts towards the sea? Today I will share you several beautiful seaglass jewelry, they are just as cool and clean as sea water, hope you guys like them!

Seaglass earrings

seaglass earrings

Long dangle earrings are always popular among girls. Especially for a girl with round baby face, and keen to light-colored accessories, like me, these adorable seaglass dangle earrings are definitely great temptations! They can not only make my face looks smaller, but also makes me eye-catching in the crowd.

Wire wrapped seaglass earrings

wire wrapped seaglass earrings

Wow! They are fabulous right? When they are put together, they look really like a heart! The design is so chic! And what’s most important is they are no hard to make. All you need is jewelry wire and some cute seaglass beads.

Seaglass bracelet designed by Bellina

seaglass bracelet

Well, this must be one of the most basic types of handmade bracelets. It’s simple in design and easy to make. But! It’s cute! Look at the beautiful colored beads, don’t they remind you of the clean sea water around Saipan Island?

Colorful seaglass bead bangle bracelet

colorful seaglass bead bangle bracelet

If you think only aqua beads is little bit toneless, then how about this candy colored bead bangle bracelet? It’s cute right? Those lively light colors are really suitable for bustling summer days.

Blue seaglass necklace designed by Bellina

blue seaglass necklace

Only one seaglass pendant and a leather wire can make such a wonderful necklace, it’s fantastic! This pretty blue colored pendant seems just like a piece of ice made by sea water, clean and cool!

Cage pendant seaglass necklace

cage pendant seaglass necklace

You like this special necklace? Well, it will ask for some wire wrapping skills to make it. But! If you really like it, you can just learn the skills and go make it, it absolutely deserves it!

Vintage seaglass ring

vintage seaglass ring

A Tibetan style vintage ring decorated with a well faceted seaglass cabochon, it’s so elegant! If you are a fun of vintage jewelry, you shall never miss such a fabulous ring.

Wire wrapped seaglass ring

wire wrapped seaglass ringIf you want to make this simple yet adorable ring, you just need a lovely seaglass bead and a section of aluminum wire and it won’t take long to make it.

So, after appreciating so many cool seaglass jewelry, do you feel much cooler now? Can you feel the ocean vibe they give off? If you wanna make one for yourself, just go search a tutorial online and make it!


4 thoughts on “Cool Seaglass Jewelry for Hot Summer Days

    • Hi Johanna, I didn’t make it. I found the image on Pinterest, but it’s been a long time since I saw it, so I can’t remember the link. You can search for sea glass, maybe you’ll find it 🙂


  1. Hi there. I am the artist of the above seaglass bracelet and necklace. I am happy to have you use my images with my permission but unfortunately they were taken without permission and are copywrited images. If you would like to use them I need you to credit my work. If not please take them down. Thank you.


    • Hi Bellina, really sorry about the copyright issue. I found these images on Pinterest and forgot to check the original links. Please forgive me about that. I’ve add two links to your designs, but I’m not quite sure whether they are the right links, if not, please help correct them. Sorry again and thank you very much!


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