Enrich Your Jewelry Or Decoration With Glass Beads

Glass beads are to make jewelry, but may be used to decorate purses, and several other items. It can be purchased from online or retail stores. Buying beads may appear to be a simple buy, yet you must know to buy them. It is best to buy them from wholesale suppliers in large quantities, so that it comes in cheap price. Even if you do not want a bulk purchase, a group can together buy at a time and save more money on larger quantities.  At season ends, buy seasonal pieces, you are sure to get clearance stock and also save money. Bear in mind to consider the shipping charges. This is because you must not end by paying more online on shipping than the actual beads purchase.

glass beads

Glass Beads

Tips on Using

Glass beads must be kept in zipper snack bags, baby food jars, pencil pouches or in boxes that feature lots of compartments. This helps picking the type you want at the right time.

  • Prior to using keep handy a pair of wire cutters, ready to assemble jewelry beads, a long nosed pliers ready. Keep everything ready on a table.
  • Ensure the light source is perfect.
  • Determine the pattern prior to initiating the jewelry and pour the beads such that they slide. Spread a cotton towel on the table so that the beads stay intact and mostly use white towel, it makes identification of glass beads
  • Move the pieces; separate the beads depending on their sizes, center holes and color. This will help in determining easily the piece you need amongst your supplies.
glass beads

Glass Beads

Cleaning Tips

Place the glass beads in a bowl, use an effective denture cleanser used to clean false teeth. This will keep the glass beads perfect. You may just drop in the bowl one denture cleansing tablet and pour hot water so that the cleanser works. Most denture cleansers work in less than five minutes, but the more time you leave the beads in the cleaner solution, it is sure to give a better shine.  After 30 minutes of soaking maximum, you can use a spoon and pick it from the bowl and allow it to dry on a clean dry towel.

Glass beads are equally used in jewelry crafts, and as decorations on accessories and clothing. You can buy them online, or even from some brick and mortar stores, but remember to check the quality for cracks or holes.


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