A Brief Introduction about Birthstones

Hello everyone! Are you familiar with birthstones? Do you know the meanings of birthstones? Today, I’d like to introduce you birthstones by month, if you wanna learn more about them, join me now!

January: Garnet. Garnet is the symbol of faith, love, and constancy. Except blue, garnet can be found in every other color. It is said that garnet can help people get rid of snake bites and nightmares. If you wear it for a long time, you will see yourself improve in power and energy levels.

February: Amethyst. Amethyst is related to peace, temperance, serenity, and royalty. And it could protect people from darkness, which may be the reason why the Popes always wear an amethyst ring.

March: Aquamarine. Aquamarine is usually associated with good health, youth, love, and hope. It is said this stone will give people new spark to love, and build people’s courage and overall happiness.

April: Diamond. Well, I bet every girl is familiar with diamonds, because diamonds are well known as girls’ best friends. They come in various colors and regarded as a symbol of eternal love and invincibility.

May: Emerald. These fabulous green stones are symbols of health, faithfulness, fertility, and improved eyesight. Precious emeralds could have great collection values.

June: Pearl. Pearl beads refer to chastity, modesty, and stable marriage relationship. They are available in chocolate, grey, black, and our most familiar creamy white.

August: Peridot. Peridots have very charming sparkles. And the traditional saying of peridot is that if you wear it, you can free from evil, enchantments, and depression.

September: Sapphire. The most common color of sapphire is blue, but of course, they can be many other colors as well. They are related to dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith, wisdom, and purity.

October: Opal. The original producing area of opal is Australia. And these stones refer to hope, innocence, and creative.

November: Topaz. Topaz is linked to strength and it can be healings for both body and mind. They could provide people with protection and good mental health.

December: Turquoise. It is believed that turquoises can prevent and cure headaches, and they can change colors if the wearer is not well or in danger. They always connected with a happily which is full of good fortunes.

Now, do you have a better understanding of birthstones? You can find you birth month and see what your birthstone say about you!

Of course, birthstones can be different form countries and cultures, if you have any different ideas, be free to share with me!


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