Glass Beads are Worth Exploring, Find different Beads

Buying glass beads implies there are two types namely, rounded smooth beads and faceted beads. The rounded smooth beads are shaped and polished carefully such that they have no sharp edges. On the contrary, the faceted beads are cut precisely such that their faces are flat. Using glass beads you can make something, but think carefully and choose the right glass beads, so that your expected jewelry has the desired attractive look.

glass beads

Glass Beads

Rounded Smooth Glass Beads

Rounded glass beads are made carefully using special manipulation techniques of glass. There are globules available made in machines and they are regular, but the handmade globules are less regular in shape. These rounded beads are made smooth by polishing such that there are no abrasive edges hurting the skin. Smoothing and polishing the beads surface helps in regulating the beads shine. These reflect the light back and hardly twinkle. The beads look dull in color, but are of great interest for the jewelry makers. These are great to be worn as a daily wear with your everyday outfit.

Glass Beads

Faceted Glass Beads

  • Faceted glass beads reflect light in a unique pattern as they are cut in geometric shapes. The corners should be rounded carefully to avoid risk to the skin of the wearer.
  • Reflection of light on the smooth surfaces is possible at different angles and this helps to give a sparkling appearance to the beautiful beads.
  • These beads are suitable in projects that require shine or sparkle. Faceted beads make an amazing choice for bracelets or necklaces as they are designed for an evening out or even other special occasions to dazzle around. The added advantage is that the bead with more faces means the more it sparkles.

Points to consider

 Generally, it is simple to make round small beads than making the facet small beads. The rounded globules are easily created, but the faceted glass beads are different and they crack easily when cut as they are small. Owing to this the faceted smaller glass beads are expensive than the rounded counterparts. In case, you are looking for small beads, consider the round ones than the square options. Buying small beads is best done by ensuring you do not leave tiny beads around, it may be harmful to children and animals, alike, if it is swallowed. So a meticulous search and buying is insisted in regards to glass beads.


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