Fantastic Crafts – the Beaded Flowers

Yesterday I’ve been to my best friend’s home, and then I saw a basket of beaded flowers there! Wow! I was really astonished!

beaded flowersThey are so beautiful!!! I knew seed beads can be used to made many stunning stuffs, but I’ve never thought that they could make up such lively flowers! My friend told me that her mother brought those lovely flowers on line, and then when I came back, I searched for beaded flowers. Wow again! Soooooo many fabulous crafts! I can’t wait to share them with you now!

Beaded sunflowers

beaded sunflowers

Tell me the truth, do these lovely beaded sunflowers remind you of Van Gogh’s sunflowers? Well, they do make me think of that famous painting. It must be very happy to have such pretty flowers on the dining table.

Beaded lily

beaded lily

I have to say this beaded lily is so alive! It even uses the dark colored beads to imitate the sports on lily’s petals, they look just like the real ones!

Beaded rose

beaded rose

Created by white and red seed beads, this gorgeous rose gives off a vibe of pathetique and nobility. It looks like the rose is covered by snow, beautiful and noble, but also kind of sorrowful.

Beaded lavenders

beaded lavender

Look at those lilac and purple beads, they are well arranged according to their colors, and that makes the lowers really alive!

Beaded hydrangeas

beaded hydrangeas

Various colored flowers put in a vase which is full of cute glass beads, what a lovely decoration it is!

Beaded daisy

beaded daisy

Beaded pansies

beaded pansies

Beaded Himalayan poppy

beaded Himalayan poppyThere are so many beaded flowers I’ve found that I cannot list them here one by one, if you like them, you can search them online and learn more about them. And after appreciating so many fabulous beaded flowers, the only thing I want to say is that the designers are really really talented!!!

Pictures from Pinterest.


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