Make Necklaces with Lava Beads

Lava beads are a new type of jewelry making material which is becoming more and more popular in recent years. They are surprisingly light in weight, so many jewelry makers like to make large chunky jewelry with them, coz they can make the jewels comfortable to wear. Today I’d like to share you some fabulous lava bead necklaces, hope you can get inspired by them.lava bead necklaces

Boho necklace made by black lava beads

boho necklace made by black lava beads

Boho style jewels are always considered as symbols of freedom. If you are going to a beach, this simple yet chic lava bead necklace is definitely a good choice.

Cool lava bead necklace for men

cool lava bead necklace for men

Multi strand necklace made by black and light brown lava beads, and decorated with handmade skulls and tassels, this necklace is really cool, right? If you make such a necklace for your boyfriend or your father, I bet he’ll be very happy.

Simple lava bead necklace

simple lava bead necklace

This could be one of the simplest necklaces, only one black lava bead and a section of chain. Even a jewelry making beginner can make it with few minutes. But, simple also make accessories chic, this simplest lava bead necklace is charming indeed.

Vintage charm necklaces with lava beads

vintage charm necklaces with lava beads

Cute charm necklaces made with silver charms, glass beads, European beads, rhinestone spacer beads, and of course lava beads. The necklaces are cute, and the lave beads look so like chocolate cookies, I’m hungry now…

Splendid lava bead statement necklace

splendid lava bead statement necklace

THAT is really amazing, right? It must be a very talented and experienced jewelry maker so that she/he can make such a gorgeous statement necklace!

Blue lave bead heart pendant necklace

blue lave bead heart pendant necklace

The most common lava beads are black, but actually they also have many other colors. Just look at this blue lava stone necklace, do you like it? Don’t you think the heart pendant is cute?

Colorful lava stone necklace

colorful lava stone necklace

Lava stones in red and blue, they are beautiful! And this bright colored choker necklace will make you much more eye-catching in the crowd.

So, after appreciating all these wonderful lava bead necklaces, do you get inspired? Do you have the impulse to make your own one? If you have any other jewelry making ideas about lava beads, welcome to share!

All images come from Pinterest.


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