Snap Jewelry – Finest Themes Available

Have you seen cool designer circular button like objects over bracelets, purses, necklace, earrings and other accessories? Ever wondered what are they? They are nothing but fashionable snap jewelry.

Snap jewelry is mostly circular designer pieces, available in the size of shirt buttons or little bigger sizes of it. They are metal pieces with designs of various themes carved over them in different colors. The term “Snap” is used to denote them as they can be interchanged in various accessories. The snaps are also available in heart shape, crescent moon shape and others. Currently, snap jewelry is one of the most adaptable fashion artifacts in the market.

snap jewelryIn what themes are they available?

Snap jewelry is available in multiple themes like gemstones, alphabets, designs, pearls, sports, heart and love symbols, faith, birthstones, symbols and holidays. These themes cover most of the cool and interesting aspects, which a person wants to denote with a snap.

Snap jewelry is available as pendants in necklaces, embedded in key chains, in the form of earrings with a hook to the snap charm etc. Apart from carved designs over the snaps, small semi-precious stones are also embedded to form the desired shape.

snap jewelry

For instance, if a person wants a snap with flora design over it, he can either go for the ones which have carved designs filled with colors or opt for the ones which have colored stones embedded in the shape of a flower.

Some of the snaps have designs carved over them, which are level to the surface, while some have designs which are protrude from the snap charm. Snaps have two sides the front end and the back end.

In accessories like purses, handbags, bracelets, the back end of the snap is affixed into the material. The material can be leather or any other. The person has to order the front end of the snap separately and can interchange them to various accessories. The front end is the prime attractive part of snap jewelry as it has holds the key attractions of a snap. The rear end is a support to hold the front part in place.

In earrings, a hook is attached to the rear end and the customers are encouraged to purchase the snaps or front end parts separately. Some snaps also have hooks to the side which can be used to attach bracelet or chains.

Snap jewelry designs and models are endless and a user can customize this versatile fashion product as per his choice!


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