Glass Beads And Its Flawless Glamour

Glass beads are the well known beads widely used in making jewelries today. The glamour and glitter of these beads types make it look more beautiful that it adds glamour to the wearer. You can be assured of stealing a show in your dinner date or some social party by wearing jewelries in glass beads. These are cheap and the beauty cannot be matched with any other. In fact, it is difficult to differentiate the jewelry of precious metal from the glass beads jewelry types.

glass beads

Different Factors

  • Colors and shapes: The variety in glass beads is available and includes innumerable factors favoring this bead type. Even crystal beads looks good, but it has lesser color shades and shapes than the glass beads. The regular colors available are magenta, blue, aqua, green, yellow and red. These glass beads also come in multicolor and offer the advantage of being available in most stores to purchase. You can combine gemstones and glass beads while making jewelries. Apart from these two, you can include crystal beads as well and you will notice that these additions make the final product very stylish and offer an expensive look.
  • Materials: Glass beads are made using different materials. The common material is the matte glass, diachronic glass and lamp work glass. The raw materials come in inexpensive prices and this is one of the best benefits that contribute to overall cheap purchases. Apart from these raw materials, the glass of old vintage can be used. Jewelry makers can also get beads with holes that can be easily threaded to makes fascinating glass jewelries.

Versatility of glass beads

glass beadsGlass beads always stay ahead in jewelry making and people prefer it for its price and beautiful looks. In fact, crystal beads also can be chosen instead of glass beads.  These have a glass combined with lead and the quantity of the lead is hardly 1%. This simple addition of lead adds weight to crystal beads and it weighs more relatively than glass beads. However, glass beads have the same glitter and sparkle as crystal beads, making jewelry using the commonly available glass beads allows you to mix different colors. People having great ideas on color combination can make an amazing outcome of the jewelry design. You can decide even single color, but adding pendant of different colors helps in bringing the beauty to the fore in the final.


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