Snap Jewelry And Its Must Know Facts

Snap jewelry are highly preferred as they are easier to use than all other clasps in the jewelry. They close and open easily as they feature magnetic clasps. Thus, they can hold the jewelry securely.  Putting and removing the jewelry is possible with magnetic clasps.

snap jewelry

Plus points of snap jewelry

  • For seniors: The snap jewelry is appropriate for senior. People suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia and arthritis may find it very tough to use lobster clasps and toggle as they are too small. These seniors have difficulty in keeping their hands steady and have poor vision that they struggle with such types of clasps as they put or remove the jewelry and find snap jewelries to be appropriate.
  • Convenient: The clasps are convenient for people having less skillfulness. This jewelry includes magnetic clasps and is convenient to be given as gifts for children and elderly people, even if they have some physical ailments. This clasp takes very little effort.
  • : The materials come in an array and mostly are in plated silver and stainless steel. These come in various shapes such as tubes, rounds and ovals. They suit threading wires and leather cords. The snap jewelry clasps are obtainable in different sizes and colors ranging from 2mm to 9mm. It is best to combine different leather such as real nappa, braided leather, eco-nappa and to create funky jewelry.

Attaching magnetic clasps

snap jewelry

Attaching the clasps must be known and is essential to ensure the strength of the clasps. The clasps come in different sizes and types, thus the magnets strengths also vary. Choose a strength matching the jewelry weight you wish to make and choose the magnet accordingly. This is because if the magnet is really strong, the risk of breaking the jewelry is high. In case, you choose a weaker magnet, the risk of losing the jewelry is high. Thus knowing to attach it is the effective and easiest ways of keeping snap jewelry safe.

  • Firstly bead your bracelet or necklace and attach to both sides the jump rings.
  • Take the clasp first part and attach to the jump rings to both the sides using pliers.
  • To make magnetic cylinder clasps, finish the threading and accessory part and knot the ends. The cylinder type’s clasps are suitable as lightweight jewelry items such as light weight jewelry bracelets, beaded anklets and watches.


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