Make Jewelry with Bottle Caps

Recently, when I was browsing on a craft forum, I found a thread was asking for opinions on making bottle cap accessories. To be honest, I’ve never thought of making jewelry with bottle caps before, so I searched them on pinterest immediately. Then, wow, I was astonished! There are sooo many cool DIYs!

bottle cap accessories

Now, I’m here to share you something I’ve found, if you are not familiar with bottle cap accesorries either, come and have a look!

Bottle cap earrings

bottle cap earrings

Pepsi bottle caps, one of the most common things in our daily life, linked together with some earring findings and glass beads, then a pair of beautiful earrings was born. That’s really amazing! Sounds like magic! I do love such recycling things!

Bottle cap necklace

bottle cap necklace

Statement necklaces are very popular among girls. But have you ever thought bottle caps can be used to make statement necklaces? If your answer is no, you can have a try now!

Bottle cap bracelet

bottle cap bracelets

Two different styles of bottle cap bracelets, which one do you like better? I love them both! The left ones are cool and the right one could be an impressive friendship bracelet, both are great!

Bottle cap ring

bottle cap ring

It’s so cute!!! Both girls and kids will like it very much! I’ve never made it before, but I guess it won’t be too difficult to make it. You can deal the materials with glue or resin, just like making accessories with glass cabochons.

Bottle cap keychains

bottle cap keychains

Warm keychains! They could be the best DIY presents for parents and families!

So, after seeing all those creative bottle cap accessories, do you want to make one by yourself? I’m on my way to make it now! LOL~

All images come from Pinterest.


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