DIY Earrings for Christmas

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to share you some earring making ideas for Christmas. No matter you are going to DIY some gifts for your beloved ones, or you just want to make something special for yourself, you can take these Christmas earrings for reference.

Christmas earrings

Christmas gift earrings

Christmas gift earrings

Do you like these Christmas gifts? They are so adorable! If you are going to make these earrings, you can make more with different colored crystal beads, and then you can wear them together with your BFFs or sisters.

Wire wrapped angel earrings

wire wrapped angel earrings

Made with silver jewelry wire, pearl beads, seed beads, and Czech glass beads, these angel earrings are simple in design. However, they’re still charming and graceful. They could be lovely gift for your girlfriends.

Seed bead Santa Claus earrings

seed bead Santa Claus earrings

Father Christmas! Everybody loves Santa Claus, so these Santa Claus earrings must be loved by anyone who sees them. If you want to be attractive on Christmas Eve, try these earrings on!

Holly leaf earrings

holly leaf earrings

Red and green are the main colors of Christmas, so these holly leaf earrings are definite great for Christmas. And the silver wires and leaf charms make them more exquisite. Then take a look at the earring hooks, they are so cool! I do love this pair of Christmas earrings!

Glass bead Christmas tree earrings

glass beads Christmas tree earrings

Christmas trees, one of the most basic elements for Christmas. I bet most of you must have already get your real Christmas trees ready, then how about make a couple of cute tiny Christmas trees for yourself?

So, do you like these beautiful Christmas earrings? If you want to make your own Christmas accessories, just go get some Christmas beads and do it!



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