Supplies Essential As Jewelry Making Supplies

Creating your own bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anklets is a craft worth appreciating and also is a good income source, if you wish to sell them. It is a must to remember that designing jewelry is not very simple, but it does not ask you to get into any designing courses. Even, being familiar with different jewelry making supplies serves different functions, provided you are aware of using them in an appropriate way.  Actually, it is easier to craft your jewelry at home.

jewelry making supplies 1

Different supplies

There is different jewelry making supplies that are mandatory for any level of jewelry maker.

  • Pliers: This is a pair that helps in making immediate adjustments and is an essential tool. It also helps in crafting jewelry items. Pliers are useful to fix or break some jewelry and are also highly useful for wire-wrapping.
  • Needle files: Needle files are required to file a piece of wire and to have a smooth edge.
  • Beading mat: This helps to keep the beads in place. It is created so that the beads are prevented from rolling.
  • Wire guards: These are wire protectors also referred to as thimble guards. They are a must in jewelry making supplies so that they protect the wire and the jewelry lasts for a longer period of time.
  • Bead reamer: The bead holes size can be altered using a bead reamer. Drilling holes helps in making the holes bigger of the beads and thus bigger holes helps.

Additional tools

jewelry making supplies 2

The list of jewelry making supplies also include nipper tool that is actually a simple tool for cutting. It has an angled blade that helps in cutting wire so that the beads are tight and have a close cut. There is a necessity for memory wire shears so that it helps in cutting plated chains and thicker wires.

Chain nose pliers is also a must have tool in the toolbox of every jewelry designer. It helps in using on various things such as opening jump rings, closing crimp covers and making bends in wire. Tweezers are also essential jewelry making supplies that helps when the bead work gets tangled. You can undo using a tweezer.

Above all you need helping hands to hold the wire or the ends of the wire. You need extra hands while working with jewelry pieces, it is of paramount help. Having extra helping hands is not lesser than any jewelry making supplies, it is equally mandatory.


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