DIY Chic Crystal Beaded Headpiece

Reblog: DIY Chic Crystal Beaded Headpiece

Most girls are feeling like to wear beaded headpiece that all the stars are wearing. However, no jewelry headpiece is cheap and unique except handmade one. Well why not DIY your own crystal headpiece instead of spending more than $100. Today, I will show you a simple hair chain headpiece tutorial, and this beaded chain headpiece is shared by our friend Allison. She said that she love the bright red of the crystals which were sparklier than she expected like Swarovski to her. The project that you do not need to prepare complex jewelry making supplies, but you can make your own chic beaded headpiece with ease. If you are interested in this crystal headpiece, take a peek below and learn to create your own…

Crystal Beaded Headband

Supplies for making charming crystal beaded headpiece:

Crystal flat back rhinestone

Red Glass Crystal Bead Chain (You can make your own bead chain with glass beads and eyepins)

4mm silver jump rings

A small metallic tattoo

Clear gloss glaze



Supplies for making charming crystal beaded headband

How to Make Chic Jewelry Headpiece:

Step 1:

Step 1 for making charming crystal beaded headband

First, fix the metallic tattoo on the middle of the pearl pendant and pour a little water on it, then press it.

Second, wait about 30 seconds and then peel the paper off.

Third, place the Crystal flat back rhinestone on the metallic tattoo with glue.

Step 2:

Step 2 for making charming crystal beaded headband

  • Prepare a piece of glass beaded chain as the same size as your head.
  • Link the beaded chain with one side of the pendant with silver jump rings.
  • Repeat the second step, attach jump rings to the other side of pendant and link it to the beaded chain as the above picture.

Step 3:

Step 3 for making charming crystal beaded headband

Prepare 6 pieces of glass beaded chains, attach one piece of chain to the headpiece and then repeat it until you finish the other 5 chains.

 charming crystal beaded headband

Well, the delicate crystal beaded headpiece is done! Wear it out like a beautiful goddess!! :)

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