The Different Types Of Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry along with the jewelry making supplies is the primary ones to enhance the beauty of a woman in a lovely way. Women look stylish and exquisite in an exotic way when they wear the jewelry matching to their attire.

jewelry making supplies 1

 There is different jewelry making supplies from which the jewelry is made that gives an awesome look to the one who wears it. A few of the jewelry making supplies are discussed below


Numerous kinds of precious and semiprecious stones are used for making jewelry. Amber is one of the antique jewelry making supplies that is an organic gemstone and consists of resin from tree which has hardened in time.  Another gemstone is the Amethyst which is the most esteemed gemstone. It is valued for its purple shade, which ranges in tenor from light to dark.

Emerald and Jade

It is one of the prominent jewelry making supplies and is very precious gemstones. They are known for their fine green to bluish green in color. Jade is a precious stone which is usually characterized by green color but can come in other colors too. It is very strongly linked to the history, culture and Asian tradition.  It is also known as the stone of the heaven.


Quartz refers to a kind of crystalline gemstones that are of diverse sizes and colors. Rose quartz which has a slight pink color, smoky quartz that is available in a variety of shades of lucid brown is some of the popular varieties of quartz. Rutilated quartz is another popular type of quartz that contains needle-like inclusions. A few other gemstones namely Citrine and Amethyst are also a part of the quartz family.

Metal finish

There are many methods and techniques for creating the finishes. The most typical finishes are satin or matte, high-polish, burned or hammered.  The high polished finish gives a very shiny and reflective look to the jewelry. The brushed finish gives a textured look to the jewelry by brushing a material which is same as sandpaper against the metal that leaves brush strokes. Hammered finishes are usually created by making use of a round steel hammer and hammering the jewelry to give it a wavy texture.

Some of the jewelry is plated for giving it a glossy and reflective look for achieving the preferred color. The other typically used materials include wood, glass, shell, ivory, bone, and natural and polymer clay.


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