3 Things You Could Do with Wholesale Charms

I completely love making jewels and I would sometimes purchase wholesale lots of beads plus jewelry making supplies to keep myself hectic all day. However, one thing that I love using the most in my makings is charms. Charms are small decorative elements that you could often find hanging from bracelet. They are attractive and most of them tell a story also. They are accessible in a variety of forms, sizes and color. I prefer purchasing wholesale charms since this helps me save a lot of cash, energy and time.

wholesale charms 2

The worthy thing about purchasing wholesale charms is that I get a diversity of different kinds of charms to work with. However sometimes, because of lack of design concepts and motivation, I am left with lots of charms from the wholesale lot that I don’t want to usage in my jewelry makings. These valuable little decorations are so gorgeous that neither do I desire to throw them away nor resell them. Thus I use them to make other things that I am really able to sell off and make cash out of them just similar I do with my jewelry makings. Here is a look at 3 stuffs that you could do with wholesale charms if you are not planning to use them to make jewelry.

wholesale charms 1

Beautify tote bags

Tote bags are valuable accessories for every female. They are designed in such a means that they are flawless for a day at the beach, library, pool, a picnic, gym gear, etc. They are versatile in addition to they don’t even price much.

Key chains

Keychains are easy to create and they are suitable for almost everybody. It could also make a great gift impression. While it comes to creating keychains using charms, I buy materials for keychain assembly online. On aextent of chain (around 5 cm long), I attach diverse shapes and magnitudes of charms together.


Bookmarks could be made from a diversity of materials. However, while I have to use charms, I confirm that I select a material that creates it easy for me to attach the charms to the bookmark. I typicallyselect colorful ribbons in addition to flat glass beads. To create a bookmark, select ribbon that is pliable plus thin. After all the beads and charms have been additional, tie a knot at the finish of the ribbon as well as use it as a bookmark.


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