Looking For Magnetic Clasps? Read On!

Magnetic Clasps act as fasteners that provide a strong hold on jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. Jewelry makers attach the magnetic clasps to the jewelry providing convenience of wearing. The clasps are made of magnets which function by attracting each other and lock together to hold the necklace or the bracelet in place. When removing the necklace or bracelet, one just needs to pull the magnetic clasps apart to open. They provide an easy latch for jewelry users as they are very easy to use.

Magnetic Clasps 1

Advantages of Magnetic Clasps

To start with, magnetic clasps when used in bracelets and necklaces give an elegant look. The stainless steel or plated silver that make the magnetic clasps give a luxurious finish to the bracelet or necklace. They are also very easy to use because they are easy to open and close with minimal or no effort at all. When taking a bath or a swim, you enjoy the easy convenience of removing and putting on your bracelet or necklace.  You actually save time trying to hook up a necklace or bracelet. For people suffering from arthritis or those who have limited dexterity, magnetic claps on necklaces or bracelets offer the best solution as they are easy to use. Children can also enjoy using their jewelry with much ease especially bracelets owing to their flexibility in opening and closing as there is no much struggle required.

Magnetic Clasps 2Magnetic clasps also come in a wide variety and designs. The designs cater for each individual’s specific preferences. It is easy to choose what type of magnetic clasp is ideal for you.  There are magnetic cylinder claps and magnetic claw clasps.  Magnetic claw clasps are often used for necklaces whilst magnetic cylinder clasps are mostly ideal for bracelets. They also assure you security of your jewelry is guaranteed as the strong magnetic clasps hold your jewelry in place. You do not have to worry of your bracelet or necklace snapping off and getting lost. They are safely secured by the magnetic clasps.

Disadvantages of Magnetic Clasps

With magnetic claps whilst in general they do not pose health implications, not everyone can use bracelets or necklaces with magnetic claps. It is highly recommended as a compulsory rule that you should not use magnetic clasps if you have a pacemaker.

It is also worthy to note that excessive heat on magnets is not ideal for magnetic clasps. This is because excessive heat can reduce the strength of the magnets and cause the magnetic properties to fail.


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