Create Beautiful And Fascinating Artwork With Lampwork Beads

Lampwork beads are considered one of the most beautiful glass beads to create fascinating jewelry with. These beads are handmade, specifically out of glass. A process that is called lampworking, which has started centuries ago, produces them. These beads are the most common jewelry beads used to create beautiful artwork.

lampwork beads 1

The Process of Lamp Beads

Creating lamp beads consists of a particular process. In order to create the lampwork beads, lampworks must use narrow rods that are made out of glass, and melt the narrow rods with a torch or a flame. The lampworker then winds the molten glass around a stainless steel inside a mandrel, pushing the beads into their unique shapes.

What Do Lamp Beads Actually Look Like?

Lampwork beads can be as decorative or plain as the artist pleases. The glass beads have layers of glass that is used in creating the look of the beads. As an example, there can be small or large dots that are different in color, and can be left on the surface of the bead, or in the center where the artist creates the unique design. These fine lines are made when the lampworker use small rods of glass; like painting with a paintbrush that is made out of glass.

Types of Lamp Beads

Lamp beads are not just one type of glass bead. There are hollow beads, and hollow vessel beads, as. When the lampworker is creating beads, they sometime make unique types of beads by involving a technique during the process of creating them.

lampwork beads 2

Vessel lampwork beads are made by simply trapping bubbles with are, while inside the glass. When the bead is rotated around the torch, the air inside the bubble expands inside the bead, leaving it with a center that is hollow.

Hollow lamp beads are made is a similar fashion, but quite different. The lampworker must make these beads by allowing the vessels to take form by making a shape at the end of the mandrel. The hot glass is rotated around the steel wool shape, and the gaps are deliberately shut, making a solid surface. The lampworker continues to add glass to finish building the hollow vessel creating the unique shape. Lampwork beads are the most considerable, when making beautiful and unique jewelry. Take the time to find the shape, colors and design, when creating artwork with lamp beads.


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