Making Of The Jewelry Through Wire


The equipment that you require for making jewelry is aluminum wire, beads and findings. You can get jewelry wires in different materials like brass, copper, gold, silver, gold-plated, silver-plated or gold-filled wires. Additionally, beads are beautiful items and these can be made from various materials like glass, metal, plastic, stone, wood, bone & semi-precious or classy materials.


Craft It According To Your Choice

If you want to craft a perfect and gorgeous jewelry, then good usage of jewelry making tools is mandatory. You’ll get a huge range of jewelry tools in the market easily. Even, several sorts of special tool kits are also available these days. There are various types of tools as desired, such as round nose pliers, flush cutter, chain nose or ruler, bent chain nose pliers, nylon jaw pliers, chasing hammer, anvil or bench block and loads more. You’ll simply get these jewelry making tools in the online world the only requirement is doing a good research.

Usage of aluminum wire

By using aluminum wire you can make any sort of jewelry quite easily such as rings, necklaces, earnings, pendants and lots more. To make the work task simpler pre made findings are available in the market. Several of the fundamental findings are jumps rings, ear wires, head pins, clasps & much more.

Furthermore, if you want best design then good research work and rough work on paper is required because a single fault in crafting can spoil the whole design of the jewelry. So, be cautious in jewelry making and follow good technique to get most excellent output.

Jewelry making supplies

Jewelry Wire – Aluminum wire is most regularly used on necklaces. It has a great tensile power and makes permanent pieces.

Satin Cord – is slightly less costly to purchase, but makes a good-looking necklace, or bracelet.

Leather Cord – is often used to make good-looking necklaces, jewels, and hair accessories.


Lobster claw clasps – have one end that open and the further end have a ring that break over the open section of the clasp. When the lever is free it closes so that the ring cannot simply come free. Toggle claps – have a ring on 1 end of the necklace string and on the other in is a straight bar. The straight bar is a little longer than the width of the ring so that when the bar is turned, and control through the ring it will hold the two pieces jointly. It gives the jewelry a different look.


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